Canadian AI Fintech Opinion
Jun 15, 2019 ● John Stackhouse Six Ways to Confront Bias in AI – and How Canada Can Lead the Way

We have led in AI research. Now, can we lead on tackling AI's ethical and societal implications?

Canadian AI Opinion
Jun 10, 2019 ● Neil Desai Canadian Innovation Needs to Marry Invention With Commercialization

Neil Desai, executive at Magnet Forensics, argues for Canada's need to become more competitive in an intangibles economy

Canadian AI Opinion
May 30, 2019 ● CIFAR In Conversation: Canada’s Role in the Future of Artificial Intelligence

CIFAR AI Chairs to share their thoughts on AI: Canadian leadership, the future, and the hype

Canadian AI Opinion
May 30, 2019 ● Buckley Smith Government Investments in AI Research Does Not Lead to Strong Adoption

A study by Forbes Insights late last year ranked Canada last out of the 10 countries they surveyed for the adoption of AI

Canadian AI Policy & Ethics Opinion
May 27, 2019 ● Kevin Carmichael Canada's Technologists Are Having a Moment — Let's Hope Our Governments Don't Wreck It

Kevin Carmichael: If an ambitious woman-led AI company sees a better opportunity elsewhere, we still have some work to do

Canadian AI Opinion
May 20, 2019 ● Canada.ai #AINorth: Your Guide to All Things AI at Collision

Canada's AI story, plus key workshops and events to look out for

Healthtech Opinion
Apr 11, 2019 ● The Canadian Press Transforming Health Care With AI: Tons Of Potential, But Not Without Pitfalls

Now AI is poised to revolutionize how doctors practise medicine and diagnose patients

Canadian AI Opinion
Apr 04, 2019 ● Kelsey Rolfe 10 Montreal Tech Companies To Watch In 2019

Companies to watch include RenoRun, HumanFirstAI and Vention