Canadian AI Opinion
May 20, 2019 ● Canada.ai #AINorth: Your Guide to All Things AI at Collision

Canada's AI story, plus key workshops and events to look out for

Healthtech Opinion
Apr 11, 2019 ● The Canadian Press Transforming Health Care With AI: Tons Of Potential, But Not Without Pitfalls

Now AI is poised to revolutionize how doctors practise medicine and diagnose patients

Canadian AI Opinion
Apr 04, 2019 ● Kelsey Rolfe 10 Montreal Tech Companies To Watch In 2019

Companies to watch include RenoRun, HumanFirstAI and Vention

General AI News Opinion
Mar 29, 2019 ● Bernard Marr Why Every Company Needs An Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy For 2019

AI is ultimately going to transform every business, in every industry

General AI News Opinion
Mar 28, 2019 ● Shea Brown Automation, Risk and Robust Artificial Intelligence

Professor Thomas Dietterich on the need for high reliability in socio-technical AI systems

General AI News Opinion
Mar 28, 2019 ● Tim Sandle How People Can Teach AI To See Like Humans

A new study demonstrates that humans can think like computers

General AI News Opinion
Mar 27, 2019 ● Pascal G. Bernard Will Scientific Research Be Able To Avoid Artificial Intelligence Pitfalls?

The biggest dead-end in AI is that an AI doesn’t know that it doesn’t know

General AI News Opinion
Mar 27, 2019 ● Nadia Naffi In An AI Era, Lessons From Dinosaurs Help Us Adapt To The Future Of Work

In the 4th industrial revolution, enterprises and human workers are at risk of becoming extinct