General AI News Opinion
Aug 16, 2018 ● Hans A. Gunnoo Moore’s Law Is Dying. Here’s How AI Is Bringing It Back To Life!

Moore’s law is slowly being revived by AI

Canadian AI Opinion
Aug 09, 2018 ● Yemmit Executive Interview: Dr. Foteini Agrafioti, Head Of Borealis AI And Chief Science Officer, RBC

Dr. Agrafioti is the Chief Science Officer at RBC and Head of Borealis AI

Canadian AI Opinion
Aug 09, 2018 ● Graham Taylor Q&A With Yoshua Bengio

This Q&A is part of CIFAR’s series on building a research lab

Retail & Commerce Opinion
Jul 30, 2018 ● Deborah Weinswig Four Ways AI Is Levelling The Retail Playing Field Versus Amazon

This is the first of three articles that explore AI in retail

Privacy & Security Opinion
Jul 30, 2018 ● Manish Prabhu Security and Privacy in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning — Part 1

Security and privacy aspects of AI & ML have to be adequately thought through

Healthtech Opinion
Jul 25, 2018 ● Jesse Paquette Human Intelligence In Healthcare — The Massive Opportunity That Lies Between KPIs and AI

An outsider’s perspective on the status quo in healthcare data utilization

General AI News Opinion
Jul 23, 2018 ● Kathryn Hume When Is It Important For An Algorithm To Explain Itself?

To succeed with applied machine learning, you have to step back and break down the problem

General AI News Opinion
Jul 20, 2018 ● John Olafenwa Making Artificial Intelligence Accessible to ALL

The use of state-of-the-art AI is locked out of the reach of millions of developers