Canadian AI Retail & Commerce
May 23, 2018 ● Techvibes Rubikloud and Intel are Bringing AI to Brick and Mortar Retailers

Their intent is to improve the in-store retail experience with more personalization

Canadian AI Retail & Commerce
May 23, 2018 ● Techvibes Etsy is Opening a Machine Learning Centre in Toronto

The objective is to take advantage of Toronto’s deep pool of AI talent and vast ecosystem

Canadian AI Policy & Ethics
May 23, 2018 ● Betakit Toronto Coalition Calls For Machine Learning Systems to Respect Human Rights

It is meant to set machine learning standards that organizations are encouraged to adhere to

Canadian AI Fintech
May 22, 2018 ● Forbes AI-Powered Bank Accounts Of Tomorrow Are Solving The Biggest Problem With Your Finances -- You

Some of the world’s biggest banks believe autonomous banking is the future

Canadian AI General AI News
May 18, 2018 ● Betakit #Paid Raises $9 Million Series A To Help You Find Influencers With AI

#paid connects marketers with influencers for campaigns and content creation

Canadian AI Food & Agriculture
May 18, 2018 ● betakit Motorleaf Raises $2.85 Million To Help Greenhouses Predict Their Harvest

Motorleaf’s platform promises to predict accurate harvest amounts

Canadian AI General AI News
May 17, 2018 ● Betakit Primal Secures $2.3 Million To Develop Its Semantic AI

Primal helps publishers prioritize content, ads, and product recommendations for individuals

General AI News
May 17, 2018 ● IT World Canada Timely AI Insights From An AWS Tech Guru

Amazon's Glenn Gore provides a tantalizing glimpse of the future of AI