Canadian AI
Jun 14, 2018 ● The Globe and Mail NVIDIA is the Latest Foreign Technology Giant to Open an AI Lab in Toronto

The AI Research Lab will be led by computer scientist and University of Toronto professor Sanja Fidler

Canadian AI Fintech
Jun 13, 2018 ● Betakit Flybits' Hossein Rahnama On The Vertical Shifts AI Might Enable For Fintech

Rahnama discusses Canada’s FinTech landscape, and his thoughts on the future AI

Canadian AI Opinion
Jun 13, 2018 ● The Globe and Mail Artificial Intelligence Is In A Bubble: Here’s Why We Should Build It Anyway

Dessa co-founder, Stephen Piron discusses the dot-com bubble burst and AI

Canadian AI General AI News
Jun 13, 2018 ● The Globe and Mail How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the Recruitment Process

Canadian decision makers taking successful action in a competitive global digital economy

Canadian AI Opinion
Jun 12, 2018 ● BetaKit Hubba's Ben Zifkin Says Canada Can't Rely on Potential to Become a Global Tech Hub

Canada's spotlight and AI edge won't last if the country doesn't do more to maintain it

Retail & Commerce
Jun 12, 2018 ● BetaKit Element AI and SSENSE Release Dataset to Help Designers Build AR for Fashion

The Montreal-based fashion platform is sharing its expert-annotated image dataset

Retail & Commerce
Jun 11, 2018 ● BetaKit Today in AI: Algolux, Local Logic

Several Canadian startups have launched new partnerships to make strides in AI

Policy & Ethics Opinion
Jun 11, 2018 ● CBC Radio International AI Pioneer Yoshua Bengio: Make Sure People Who Lose Jobs Due to AI get Help and Don’t Fall Through Cracks

Er Shen’s interview with world-renowned artificial intelligence guru Yoshua Bengio