Canadian AI Healthtech
Sep 19, 2018 ● Jessica Galang DarwinAI Raises $3.9 Million CAD to Help Devs Design Neural Networks

DarwinAI’s platform works to help developers accelerate deep learning development

General AI News Opinion
Sep 18, 2018 ● Dharmesh Thakker AI Startups: Here's Your Guide to Get Beyond the Hype and Drive a Commercially Successful Business

Find out what will position your AI startup for liftoff

General AI News
Sep 17, 2018 ● Dr. Michael J. Garbade Clearing The Confusion: AI vs Machine Learning vs Deep Learning Differences

DL is a subset of ML, which is also a subset of AI

Canadian AI Healthtech
Sep 17, 2018 ● Jessica Galang Responsive Raises $1.1 Million to Help Wealth Managers Predict Client Behaviour

The funding will be used to integrate insights from the brain and behavioural sciences

Canadian AI Policy & Ethics
Sep 14, 2018 ● Max Greenwood Kira Systems Secures $50 Million Series A Funding Round

This is the first major outside investment for Kira

Canadian AI General AI News
Sep 14, 2018 ● Tom Castles Podcast: Implementing AI Is Simpler Than You Think

Data Book speaks with Joshua Gans, co-authors of "Prediction Machines"

Canadian AI Opinion
Sep 13, 2018 ● Kate Cornick CEO Steve Irvine On Becoming A Global AI Leader And Toronto’s Edge

While running Facebook’s global partnerships team, Steve Irvine saw a big opportunity in AI

Canadian AI Retail & Commerce
Sep 13, 2018 ● Natasha Lomas Pulls In $30M To Help Businesses Make Better Customer-Centric Decisions

The 18-month-old AI startup is now one of the fastest growing companies in Canadian history