Canadian AI Fintech
May 22, 2018 ● Forbes AI-Powered Bank Accounts Of Tomorrow Are Solving The Biggest Problem With Your Finances -- You

Some of the world’s biggest banks believe autonomous banking is the future

Canadian AI General AI News
May 18, 2018 ● Betakit #Paid Raises $9 Million Series A To Help You Find Influencers With AI

#paid connects marketers with influencers for campaigns and content creation

Canadian AI Food & Agriculture
May 18, 2018 ● betakit Motorleaf Raises $2.85 Million To Help Greenhouses Predict Their Harvest

Motorleaf’s platform promises to predict accurate harvest amounts

Canadian AI General AI News
May 17, 2018 ● Betakit Primal Secures $2.3 Million To Develop Its Semantic AI

Primal helps publishers prioritize content, ads, and product recommendations for individuals

General AI News
May 17, 2018 ● IT World Canada Timely AI Insights From An AWS Tech Guru

Amazon's Glenn Gore provides a tantalizing glimpse of the future of AI

Healthtech General AI News
May 15, 2018 ● Venture Beat Microsoft Invests $25 million in AI for Accessibility Developer Program

The program will focus on AI solutions for work, life, and human connections

Canadian AI Opinion
May 15, 2018 ● Canadian Lawyer Brave New World: Some Legal Considerations in Using AI And IoT Systems

Investing in AI means taking legal and business issues into consideration

Canadian AI General AI News
May 14, 2018 ● Betakit LocoNoco Raises $500,000 to Build Robot Automation Platform For Developers

LocoNoco’s decision-making platform targets developers building enterprise applications