Fintech Healthtech Opinion
Mar 21, 2019 ● Kyle Reid Snowballing Mobile Trends of 2019: Payments, Health & Artificial Intelligence

In 2019 mobile apps will gain significant access and time in our daily lives

Canadian AI Fintech
Mar 20, 2019 ● Brian Jackson SAS Announces $1 Billion Investment In AI Over 3 Years

SAS will focus on making AI more accessible to business experts as well as data scientists

Canadian AI Mobility
Mar 19, 2019 ● Theresa Talmage Finally Canada Launched Its Space Strategy Encompassing EO, AI And Deep Space Robotics

Canada government has announced its 22 pages long space strategy

Canadian AI General AI News
Mar 18, 2019 ● Sera Wong Fredericton-Based Eigen Innovations Receives $800,000 Government Funding

Eigen is expanding its operations in the US, and looking into new markets in Asia and Europe

Canadian AI General AI News
Mar 15, 2019 ● Sera Wong Alberta Commits $100 Million To AI Companies

The five-year plan will support both Alberta Innovates and Amii

Canadian AI General AI News
Mar 15, 2019 ● Sera Wong Dessa Engineers Build Machine Learning Supernova Identification System

The system is improving the accuracy of identifying supernovas by 10 percent

Canadian AI Healthtech
Mar 15, 2019 ● Sera Wong Telus, Babylon Launch App Allowing Canadians To Visit Doctors Through Smartphones

The app allows Canadians to speak with a licensed doctor through its video consultation feature

Canadian AI Mobility
Mar 13, 2019 ● Karen Graham Canada’s Space Strategy Focuses On AI, EO and Deep-Space Robotics

the Canadian government unveiled it's long-awaited national space strategy