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Nov 07, 2019 ● CBC News Quebec Open to Tweaking Immigration Reforms After Outcry from Leading AI Voice

Tighter rules for which students can stay 'could have a serious impact on AI in Quebec,' Yoshua Bengio says

Canadian AI Policy & Ethics
Oct 18, 2019 ● Krista Davidson AI Research Detects Online Trolls in Canadian Election

CIFAR AI Chair Reihaneh Rabbany and her team at McGill use data mining to detect suspicious online behavior

Canadian AI Policy & Ethics
Aug 09, 2019 ● Michel Girard Canada’s Nascent AI Sector Needs Data Standards to Thrive

The Senior Fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation argues for better access to raw data for Canadian AI startups

Canadian AI Policy & Ethics
Jun 25, 2019 ● Sarah Smellie Ethics and Artificial Intelligence: These Researchers Say Tech Has to Have a Moral Backbone

Ethical AI movement is growing but outpaced by growth of technology, says Microsoft engineer

Canadian AI Policy & Ethics
Jun 18, 2019 ● Max Greenwood | Cerebral Canada’s New Federal Directive Makes Ethical AI A National Issue

At the perfect intersection of technology and civil service, every government process will be an automated one

Canadian AI Policy & Ethics Opinion
May 27, 2019 ● Kevin Carmichael Canada's Technologists Are Having a Moment — Let's Hope Our Governments Don't Wreck It

Kevin Carmichael: If an ambitious woman-led AI company sees a better opportunity elsewhere, we still have some work to do

Canadian AI Policy & Ethics
May 16, 2019 ● Meagan Simpson Canada, France Governments Announce Declaration of the International Panel on AI

The IPAI is set to formally launch later this year in France