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Canadian AI Policy & Ethics Opinion
May 27, 2019 ● Kevin Carmichael Canada's Technologists Are Having a Moment — Let's Hope Our Governments Don't Wreck It

Kevin Carmichael: If an ambitious woman-led AI company sees a better opportunity elsewhere, we still have some work to do

Canadian AI Policy & Ethics
May 16, 2019 ● Meagan Simpson Canada, France Governments Announce Declaration of the International Panel on AI

The IPAI is set to formally launch later this year in France

Canadian AI Policy & Ethics
May 16, 2019 ● Isabelle Kirkwood Hinton, Bengio, Sutton Participating in Federal Government AI Advisory Panel

The council will advise government on how to build AI that reflects Canadian values

Canadian AI Policy & Ethics
May 14, 2019 ● Isabelle Kirkwood CIFAR and OSMO Partner to Give Women Training Opportunities in AI

The AI for Good Summer Lab will provide undergraduate women in STEM fields with exposure to more opportunities

Canadian AI Policy & Ethics
Apr 25, 2019 ● Caitlin Hotchkiss Canada, France, UK Join Forces to Explore Societal Implications of AI

CIFAR has launched a series of workshops examining the effects of AI on society

Canadian AI Policy & Ethics
Apr 16, 2019 ● Kate Allen AI Pioneer Urges Toronto To Back Ethical Use Of Artificial Intelligence

Bengio calling on the Toronto to sign a declaration for the responsible use of AI amidst concerns

Canadian AI Policy & Ethics
Apr 12, 2019 ● Matt O'Brien and Rachel Lerman Real Or Artificial? Tech Titans Declare AI Ethics Concerns

How much substance lies behind the increasingly public ethics campaigns?

Canadian AI Policy & Ethics
Apr 09, 2019 ● Stephan Jou Ten Things We Can Learn From Canada About Responsible AI

AI development should not sacrifice the greater good in the name of innovation