Canadian AI Fintech
Jun 23, 2019 ● Isabelle Kirkwood MindBridge Wants to Create the Microsoft of AI Applications

The company aims to have an AI-powered platform that alows organizations to develop applications without needing a data scientist

Canadian AI Fintech Opinion
Jun 15, 2019 ● John Stackhouse Six Ways to Confront Bias in AI – and How Canada Can Lead the Way

We have led in AI research. Now, can we lead on tackling AI's ethical and societal implications?

Canadian AI Fintech Funding
May 27, 2019 ● Isabelle Kirkwood Announces $1.5 Million CAD Raise at #CollisionConf

The fundraising round was led by Breakaway Growth alongside NEXT Canada and Techstars

Canadian AI Fintech
May 07, 2019 ● Isabelle Kirkwood RBC Adds AI-Powered Budgeting Tool To Its Digital App

NOMI Budgets uses AI to evaluate a user’s spending history

Canadian AI Fintech
Apr 03, 2019 ● Kevin Carmichael Innovation Nation: How Canada's Banks Are Holding Back The Knowledge Economy

Canada’s big banks are an afterthought for many of our best entrepreneurs

Fintech Healthtech Opinion
Mar 21, 2019 ● Kyle Reid Snowballing Mobile Trends of 2019: Payments, Health & Artificial Intelligence

In 2019 mobile apps will gain significant access and time in our daily lives

Canadian AI Fintech
Mar 20, 2019 ● Brian Jackson SAS Announces $1 Billion Investment In AI Over 3 Years

SAS will focus on making AI more accessible to business experts as well as data scientists

Canadian AI Fintech
Mar 04, 2019 ● Craig Lord Ottawa AI Startup ReDock Raises $1M For Rebooted Proposal Product

“From a product perspective, we're doing so much less, but so much better.”