Canadian AI

Canadian AI Policy & Ethics
Jan 15, 2019 ● Geoff McMaster Making AI Accountable Easier Said Than Done, Says U of A Expert

As AI reshapes society, experts discuss how to make it transparent and accountable

Canadian AI General AI News
Jan 15, 2019 ● Isabelle Kirkwood Kathryn Hume Joins Borealis AI As Director of Business Development

Hume will oversee the application of research for RBC’s AI institute

Canadian AI Healthtech
Jan 14, 2019 ● Alaric Dearment Atomwise, Charles River Labs Partner To Provide AI Services In Drug Discovery

This partnership could yield up to $2.4 billion in royalties for Atomwise

Canadian AI General AI News
Jan 14, 2019 ● Global News Montreal’s AI Cluster Gains New Lab From Japanese Auto Supply Giant Denso

Montreal is turning into an AI hub with Denso being the latest giant to enter the region

Canadian AI Fintech
Jan 10, 2019 ● Ian Hardy TD Bank Adds AI-Powered Chatbot Called ‘Clari’ To Its Mobile Apps

TD has unveiled a new service to customers who use its mobile app

Canadian AI Opinion
Jan 09, 2019 ● Roberto Iriondo The ABCs of Machine Learning Experts Who Are Driving the World in AI

AI would not be what it is today, if not for the contribution of these remarkable researchers

Canadian AI Retail & Commerce
Jan 08, 2019 ● caitlin Hotchkiss Tulip Partners With Google Cloud To Provide Machine Learning Solutions For Retail

This partnership will improve store performance and sales associate effectiveness

Canadian AI Mobility
Jan 07, 2019 ● Shruti Shekar Uber Canada Resumes Testing ‘Manual Mode’ Self-Driving Cars In Toronto

The company plans to collect more data related to autonomous driving