Canadian AI

Canadian AI Education
Sep 18, 2019 ● Isabelle Kirkwood Amii Innovates Announces First Cohort, Looks to Accelerate AI Adoption

Amii Innovates is one of four program areas within Amii

Canadian AI Funding
Sep 18, 2019 ● Sean Silcoff Element AI Closes Financing, Securing $200-million Backed by the Caisse, Quebec and McKinsey

Element AI's latest raise makes for one of the largest venture-capital financing rounds by a Canadian technology company

Canadian AI Civic Tech Privacy & Security
Sep 10, 2019 ● Montreal Gazette Facebook, Microsoft Launch Contest to Detect Deepfake Videos

The two corporations are teaming up with the Partnership on AI coalition and academics to better identify media manipulation

Canadian AI Opinion
Sep 05, 2019 ● Mark Jones Could AI Enhance the Role of Journalists and Copywriters?

Companies like Air Canada have seen increased engagement in email marketing generated by AI

Canadian AI
Sep 03, 2019 ● Betakit Betakit's Guide to Elevate AI

Elevate AI will investigate the commercialization and responsible use of artificial intelligence

Canadian AI Opinion Future of Work
Aug 27, 2019 ● Beth Porter Why You Need AI Now (In a Nutshell)

Riff Learning's founder argues why adopting AI now is critical for businesses looking to stay competitive