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Canadian AI Food & Agriculture
Aug 14, 2018 ● Amira Zubairi Fredricton-Based Resson Receiving Up To $370,000 From NB Government To Create Jobs

Resson will create up to 31 new jobs over the next three years

Canadian AI General AI News
Aug 10, 2018 ● Morgan Black Edmonton Becomes 1st Canadian City To Use Artificial Intelligence Travel Tool

A new online tool puts everything Edmonton has to offer right at your fingertips

Canadian AI Opinion
Aug 09, 2018 ● Yemmit Executive Interview: Dr. Foteini Agrafioti, Head Of Borealis AI And Chief Science Officer, RBC

Dr. Agrafioti is the Chief Science Officer at RBC and Head of Borealis AI

Canadian AI Opinion
Aug 09, 2018 ● Graham Taylor Q&A With Yoshua Bengio

This Q&A is part of CIFAR’s series on building a research lab

Canadian AI Education
Aug 08, 2018 ● Theodore Kinni When Prediction Gets Cheap

A trio of Rotman School professors demystify AI for business leaders

Canadian AI Art & Design
Aug 08, 2018 ● Ben Coxworth AI "Painting" Approach Packs More Emotion Than Pixelation

Scientists are using AI to "paint" people's emotions

Canadian AI Education
Aug 07, 2018 ● David Silverberg Want to study AI? Here Are Four Career Paths

Artificial intelligence lands on the curriculum in Toronto