Canadian AI

Canadian AI Opinion
May 20, 2019 ● #AINorth: Your Guide to All Things AI at Collision

Canada's AI story, plus key workshops and events to look out for

Canadian AI Policy & Ethics
May 16, 2019 ● Meagan Simpson Canada, France Governments Announce Declaration of the International Panel on AI

The IPAI is set to formally launch later this year in France

Canadian AI Policy & Ethics
May 16, 2019 ● Isabelle Kirkwood Hinton, Bengio, Sutton Participating in Federal Government AI Advisory Panel

The council will advise government on how to build AI that reflects Canadian values

Canadian AI Policy & Ethics
May 14, 2019 ● Isabelle Kirkwood CIFAR and OSMO Partner to Give Women Training Opportunities in AI

The AI for Good Summer Lab will provide undergraduate women in STEM fields with exposure to more opportunities

Canadian AI Healthtech
May 13, 2019 ● Mike Drolet How Canadian AI is kick-starting new discoveries in health and science

Space exploration, Alzheimer's detection, drug discovery are just a few areas where AI is poised to have massive imapct

Canadian AI Healthtech
May 11, 2019 ● CBC News Edmonton Doctors, AI Scientists Team Up With Drug Giant in Health Software Project

Edmonton is hoping its growing reputation in AI and health research will help diversify the economy

Canadian AI Cleantech
May 10, 2019 ● Isabelle Kirkwood Startup Genome Report Finds Cleantech, Life Sciences, AI Put Canadian cities on Global Stage

Calgary and Atlantic Canada are both regions to watch

Canadian AI Healthtech
May 09, 2019 ● Jonathan Lamont Toronto-Based Future Fertility Wants To Improve IVF With AI

Currently, fertility doctors use a old method for determining the odds of a woman’s pregnancy