Canadian AI Healthtech
Jun 17, 2019 ● Liam Casey CAMH to Use AI, Data Science to Better Understand Mental Health

The newly opened Krembil Centre for Neuroinformatics hopes to leverage machine learning to solve neuroscience problems

Canadian AI Healthtech
May 28, 2019 ● Jasmine Pennic Canadian Government Awards $49M Grant to Establish Canada-wide AI Health Data Platform

Researchers and doctors will use the platform to accelerate development of new and personalized treatments

Canadian AI Healthtech
May 13, 2019 ● Mike Drolet How Canadian AI is kick-starting new discoveries in health and science

Space exploration, Alzheimer's detection, drug discovery are just a few areas where AI is poised to have massive imapct

Canadian AI Healthtech
May 11, 2019 ● CBC News Edmonton Doctors, AI Scientists Team Up With Drug Giant in Health Software Project

Edmonton is hoping its growing reputation in AI and health research will help diversify the economy

Canadian AI Healthtech
May 09, 2019 ● Jonathan Lamont Toronto-Based Future Fertility Wants To Improve IVF With AI

Currently, fertility doctors use a old method for determining the odds of a woman’s pregnancy

Canadian AI Healthtech
Apr 29, 2019 ● Marcy Cuttler Transforming Health Care: How Artificial Intelligence Is Reshaping The Medical Landscape

Radiology and dermatology will be altered by machines with capacity to learn

Healthtech Opinion
Apr 11, 2019 ● The Canadian Press Transforming Health Care With AI: Tons Of Potential, But Not Without Pitfalls

Now AI is poised to revolutionize how doctors practise medicine and diagnose patients

Canadian AI Healthtech
Apr 09, 2019 ● Sydney Loney 'Filling In The Missing Pieces': How AI Is Transforming Drug Discovery, Development And Innovation

Our ability to collect data on our biology has now outpaced our ability to interpret and act on it