Healthtech Opinion
Apr 11, 2019 ● The Canadian Press Transforming Health Care With AI: Tons Of Potential, But Not Without Pitfalls

Now AI is poised to revolutionize how doctors practise medicine and diagnose patients

Canadian AI Healthtech
Apr 09, 2019 ● Sydney Loney 'Filling In The Missing Pieces': How AI Is Transforming Drug Discovery, Development And Innovation

Our ability to collect data on our biology has now outpaced our ability to interpret and act on it

Fintech Healthtech Opinion
Mar 21, 2019 ● Kyle Reid Snowballing Mobile Trends of 2019: Payments, Health & Artificial Intelligence

In 2019 mobile apps will gain significant access and time in our daily lives

Canadian AI Healthtech
Mar 15, 2019 ● Sera Wong Telus, Babylon Launch App Allowing Canadians To Visit Doctors Through Smartphones

The app allows Canadians to speak with a licensed doctor through its video consultation feature

Canadian AI Healthtech
Feb 26, 2019 ● Sera Wong Montreal Startup Receives $1 Million For App Helping Paralyzed Patients Communicate

Pigio uses AI to allow paralyzed patients to communicate with eye movements

Canadian AI Healthtech
Feb 21, 2019 ● Kirsten Fenn How Toronto's SickKids Hopes To Use Artificial Intelligence To Predict Cardiac Arrests

Computer model can predict up to 70% of cardiac arrests 5 minutes before

Canadian AI Healthtech
Jan 17, 2019 ● Kelly Grant Toronto’s SickKids Announces First-of-its-Kind Artificial Intelligence Position

SickKids appointment Dr. Goldenberg as the hospital’s first chair in biomedical informatics and AI

Canadian AI Healthtech
Jan 14, 2019 ● Alaric Dearment Atomwise, Charles River Labs Partner To Provide AI Services In Drug Discovery

This partnership could yield up to $2.4 billion in royalties for Atomwise