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Canadian AI Privacy & Security
Apr 27, 2020 ● Ottawa Citizen Ottawa's Contact Tracers will Play Vital Role in Next Phase of Pandemic

Ottawa considers deploying contact tracing smart phone app to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Canadian AI Civic Tech Privacy & Security
Sep 10, 2019 ● Montreal Gazette Facebook, Microsoft Launch Contest to Detect Deepfake Videos

The two corporations are teaming up with the Partnership on AI coalition and academics to better identify media manipulation

Canadian AI Education Privacy & Security
Jun 24, 2019 ● Isabelle Kirkwood National Research Council Launches AI, Cybersecurity, IoT Hub in Waterloo

The research hub aims to make new discoveries in AI and IoT, including publications, patents and commercialization

Canadian AI Privacy & Security
Jun 18, 2019 ● Alex Coop Global Regulatory Policies Are ‘10 Innovation Cycles’ Behind, Says Expert

A panel discussion at Big Data and AI Toronto tackles the question of privacy in connected economies

Canadian AI Privacy & Security
Nov 20, 2018 ● IT World Canada BlackBerry makes largest acquisition ever in $1.4B purchase of AI firm Cylance

Cyclance is known for its AI software that aims to intercept security breaches before they occur

Canadian AI Privacy & Security
Nov 09, 2018 ● Charlie Pinkerton Elections Canada will use AI to fight disinformation on social media

They will use an AI tool to respond quickly to disinformation on social media

Canadian AI Privacy & Security
Oct 25, 2018 ● Craig Daniels Esentire Beefs Up AI Capability with Acquisition

eSentire has acquired Seattle-based Versive Inc, an AI-based cybersecurity technology